Bouzoukis and chord instruments
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Dear Friend,
Musician, professional or amateur,
The website you are watching is a very small part of the creations of the workshop KAMPANA.

In the following pages, you only see the appearance of the instruments in a photo – video.
In reality, once you get to hold one of these instruments in your hands and play, you are going to sense through your heart the reason why this instrument, the bouzouki, musically expresses the Greek soul, not only from the sound but and from what we call “penia-picking”

Here, at the workshop KAMPANA, we don’t just construct and sell instruments, we are also responsible for the maintenance of the expression of the Greek musical tradition throughout its sound, paying respect to its past and history, because since 1958 we have dedicated our life in the creation of our favorite musical instrument with honesty and responsibility.

For the reasons above you will surely notice that in the world of instruments there is no description, for example what wood it is made from etc. as it is said in other websites

The reason why this happens is:
1) It is known that in the most expensive instruments are used the “cleanest” woods
2) What really matters is the expertise and the workmanship that is used for the construction of a bouzouki, a drop of knowledge followed from lots of vigils and toil.

You as a customer,
1) should be sure that we know our job and are responsible in this and
2) after buying a bouzouki of your own, you will show the needed attention and respect on this wonderful construction – creation, so that you will protect this bouzouki from bad use or negligence and be sure that when you tune it and play what we call five notes, this instrument, as the song says “it will drive your mind away” and make you dream.

A. Palavratzis.


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