Bouzoukis and chord instruments
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Greek people have been always using music and singing in order to express various life situations as well as feelings such as hapiness, sorrow, love and death. The main part here are the musical instruments. Bouzouki is one of the traditional instruments used in the Greek folk music. It belongs to the so called “tabura type” instruments with a long neck ( maniki) and a small trough ( a small scaphoid shaped main body). We see its appearance since the ancient Greek time by the name of pandura or trihordo. The evolution of this instrument (bouzouki and baglamas) to the Byzantine and metabyzantine time and up to date is evidenced from different philolological studies.
Bouzouki in its today form was brought to Greece from the Greeks of Asia Minor during 1922 and 1923. It is a very melodical instrument and is used for solos as well as in the orchestra .
Bouzouki is composed of a scaphoid shaped body with a wooden cover with a hole for the sound, a long neck (maniki) angled in the upper part with keys and steady tasta.
The construction of the main body is made by the help of a wooden mould. On the upper part of the mould they put a triangle pillar made of soft wood usually linden.


Bouzouki : stringed musical instrument.
Bouzouki’s characteristic sound is well known all over the world, especially associated with syrtaki dance, and Greek summer.
With eight or six cords, bouzouki to be made, two things are mainly needed : materials of excellent quality and technicians skilled with preciseness and finesse.
We know these requirements. That’s why we select, for our bouzoukis, many years before they are to be used, the trunks which will be cut. We keep them in special warehouses, where, after they dry, they will be cut and selected again, according to the use, they are designated for.
For the vessel of the bouzouki, we prefer walnut, box elder and beech wood.
These woods are mainly advised for bouzoukis, because of their acoustic performance, their tensile strength and resistance in time.
The bouzoukis covers are selected from special spruces, which reproduce maximum acoustic vibrations. Their color is so beautiful that can stand by itself as a natural jewel.
But we usually take special care to cover them with combinations of deferent plastics or natural seashells, for both protection and decoration. Among the most preferred designs are the ones with themes from Ancient Greece, like Hermes and Afrodite, Dionysos and the Muses, vines, lyres, dolphins and of course Meandros all around the bouzouki cover.
The head of the bouzouki, made of box elder or beech wood, is decorated, like the bouzouki cover. It supports the keys, on which the cords are tightened.
Between the bouzouki cover and the bouzouki head, is the bouzouki sleeve, for which, each manufacturer chooses different materials and particular techniques. Our choices allow us to ensure you that our bouzouki sleeves do not spring, as long as you follow our instructions.
Different plastic or sea sell designs, decorate the bouzouki tastieras, which are made of black ebony or other hard woods of African origin.
Bouzouki cords are made of plain steel, not stainless steel, with different diameters depending on the tune.

All these, according to the constructing combinations, that our technicians choose, especially for each bouzouki, will constitute a united ensemble, which will produce the kind of sound we desire and the durability we demand.

Prices are analogous to the work is needed to finish a bouzouki and of course the cost of the materials that are used.

Baglamas : Stringed musical instrument.
Mainly made with six cords. It is almost one third of the size of a bouzouki.
It produces a fine almost whine sound, that used to give voice to the feelings of love, pain, social injustice or seldom happiness of medium or lower working class. Today it is used generally in folk songs.
It is made of materials and techniques similar to the ones used for bouzouki, with the same care and attention.
It is produced in different qualities, designs and sounds, just like bouzoukis.

Tzouras : Stringed musical instrument.
Made with six cords. It is much smaller than baglamas. It’s vessel seats in a man’s palm.
Besides <> means small quantity.

Baglamadobouzouko : Stringed musical instrument.
With 8 or 6 cords.
About it’s size: It’s sleeve and head are the same with bouzouki’s but the vessel is smaller, almost two times the size of a baglama’s vessel. That is why a specific technique is applied to make this excellent musical instrument.
It’s sound reminds us of bouzouki but it is discrete. That’s why it occupies a special place in the Greek folk orchestra today.
We take care that all our knowledge and the best of our materials are used, to produce this last piece of the bouzouki <>.
So, from the first to the last instrument that comes out of our premises, we, as constructors, must be assured that we made our best in each one, hopping to satisfy the needs of demanding clientele, and continue the name of KAMPANA, the best professional bouzoukis all over the world.


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